Welcome to the Yammer Wall App

Share your conversations

Display your social stream at events, in canteens or wherever you want. Stay up do date with the latest topics, in a passive or interactive way.

Feature posts and comments

Display the latest posts and all comments as logical threads in a clear design of your choice. See, what's going on in your organization instantly.

Works for every organization

Whether corporation or SME, from a shop floor to the boardroom. Adjust your stream to your needs and configure the desired channels with one click.

Secure Administration

Sign-in with an entitled Office 365 account, and configure which groups shall be shown in the Yammer Wall App on multiple clients.

What is the Yammer Wall App?

Typical customers of the Yammer Wall App are organizations using the Social Enterprise Network Yammer. The Yammer Wall Apps collects specific Yammer Content and streams it to the registered clients.

The Yammer Wall Server collects all data and distributes the content to any number of entitled clients. Clients just need a web browser to display the formatted result and update the content automatically or when scrolling down.

Viewers get the latest enterprise news directly from Yammer or other Social Media or event-driven systems instantly, regardless of whether it's a Tablet PC or a huge screen mounted on a wall at a event site or in the cafeteria.

Yammer Wall App presentation

Yammer Wall App features

What content is displayed in the Yammer Wall App?

The Yammer Wall App loads specified data from Yammer or other data sources with a connector and caches the content. If a new post or a new comment in a monitored group is made, the Yammer Wall App Server reorganizes the cache and delivers the new content to all registered clients.

The Yammer Wall App clients automatically refresh their content or force a refresh if a user scrolls down to the end of the Yammer wall. The latest news are always shown on top of the Yammer wall, even if it's just a comment to a post that's maybe older and would not be visible. So, viewers get the same experience as in Yammer environment itself.

How does the configuration of Yammer Wall App work?

Administrators define, what groups shall be shown and what design template shall be used for the presentation layer. All clients then use the same, but responsive, design for the presentation.

Groups are added with a simple mouse click in the online backend of Yammer Wall App. The Yammer Wall App allows to choose between single column up to four column design. It the backend, there can be defined which Office 365 users shall be able to configure the settings and which clients are able to connect to the Yammer Wall App server.

Yammer Wall App configuration


Posts and comments are displayed as logical threads.

Stream selected Yammer conversations to various, multiple devices.

Customize the layout of the stream and choose between single column and multi column fully responsive design.

Decide which groups should be streamed to your audience.

Images and Office attachments are shown in your stream as well.

The online backend allows to configure the Yammer Wall App easily. The cache is organized with self-maintenance.

Packages and price

Yammer Wall App is available in two different plans, as standard-app with the Yammer connector and with additional Twitter connector. Both packages are paid per year, whether you have 50 or 50,000 users. The price includes hosting of the Yammer Wall server and the Yammer Wall Web App on the Microsoft Azure platform. The app is delivered as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) subscription without any necessary installation or customer maintenance.

Yammer Wall App Standard

  • Full functionality with Yammer-connector for any number of clients
  • Backend online administration for configuring the desired groups and the design
  • Initial setup with one hour support of administration
  • 1-year SaaS subscription

Price: 4.500 € / 5,600 $

Yammer Wall App with Twitter Connector

  • Full functionality with Yammer-connector for any number of clients
  • Additional connector for integrating Twitter feeds with configurable search expressions
  • Backend online administration for configuring the desired groups and the design
  • Initial setup with one hour support of administration
  • 1-year SaaS subscription

Price: 5.500 € / 6,850 $


The design of the Yammer Wall App is predefined. Redesigns with an organization's corporate identity are possible and can be done additionally. Please contact us if you have specific ideas and requirements of the Yammer Wall App.

The Yammer Wall App is designed to be extended with other feeds as well. The Wall App service is a robust framework for collecting data from various (other) systems. If you have other Social Media data or event-triggered systems, they can be integrated if an API is available for these systems. Please contact us with more information about your environment to see if more data can be added to the Yammer Wall App.


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